Goveđari is the village established in XIIII century according to the document.
8 IV. 1793. the monks of the Benedictine monastery Benedict Gled and the others  with the consent of the monastery representatives, procurators, Nikola Nikolov Pucica and Đono Antun Restić signed an agreement with Vicko Basto from Babine Kuće and with brothers Nikola and Petar Milic of their settling above fields of  Pomjenta, and they becamed the first residents of the village Goveđari . The village was soon increased with people from Babino Polje : Hajdić, Strazicic, Matana and Srsen.
The village is connected with Polace and Great Lake. Nearby is the village church of St Nicholas, built in the early 20. century with the parish office.
Roman Catholic parish Goveđari was  established in 1897. and  covers settlements Polače, Babine Kuće,  Soline, Pomena and Njivice.
Goveđari is  the only place in the National Park, which is not by the sea.

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