Wspólnota turystyczna gminy Mljet

Gallery „Stara Skula“ - Goveđari

Multimedia gallery Stara Skula (Old School) was opened in the summer of 2011, as the first gallery of its kind on the island of Mljet. This building dates from the early 20th century. The building has served  several purposes during its history: primary school for the island's pupils, local post office and doctor's surgery.

Our aim is to present Croatian and international artists through exhibitions, film projections,
art colonies, video installations, concerts and various presentations
including food tasting, in order to promote cultural tourism.

Our wish is to give credit to the island of Mljet as one of the most
beautiful spots in the Mediterranean. Mljet still dwells in a mythical
dimension of Ulysses, who had lived here for seven years. Stara Skula
gallery is the place of gathering, communication, contemplation and we
hope, creation of positive vibrations.

Visit Stara Skula and become a part of our world of ideas.

Goveđari 14
Goveđari otok Mljet
Tel: +385 20 744 140

Picture gallery

TZO Mljet
TZO Mljet
TZO Mljet
TZO Mljet
Ulica: Zabrježe 2
HR – 20225 Babino Polje
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