Touristische Gemeinschaft der Gemeinde Mljet


In southern Croatia, close to world famous city of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful islands in the world is located - island of Mljet. Ancient Greek poet Homer writes about this island in Odysee, and how he had sailed in this region. Apostle Paul mentions this island on his voyage through Adriatic and visits the island on his way to Rome. Just as the destiny brought many visitors to this island throughout centuries, today’s visitors are coming to experience stillnes of Mljet. Two connected salty lakes, Malo Jezero (Small Lake) and Veliko Jezero (Great Lake) are nature’s masterpieces. Few kilometers from the lakes, bay of Polače houses remains of 2nd century Roman palace. Stone palace walls dominate the village and speak about the history of this unique island.

Ulica: Zabrježe 2
HR – 20225 Babino Polje
Tel. +385 20 746025 +385 20 744186, Fax. +385 20 746 022