Tourist board of Mljet

Environmental Protection


It is stricly prohibited to :


  • Any damage, destruction, removal and disposal of anthropological findings and material remains of different cultures, archaeological and fossil record, as well as cultural and historical buildings and monuments.
  • Any deterioration in the quality of the sea surface, and their pollution.
  • Dumping of waste, except in designated areas.
  • Picking, collecting, removing and damaging the habitat of plants.
  • Lighting fires in the open.
  • Smoking except in designated areas.
  • Dispersal, persecution, harassment, capture, injuring and killing animals.
  • Carrying and use of firearms, as well as other means suitable for hunting (bow, arrows, traps, nets for fishing, etc.)
  • Fishing is prohibited, with very special permission Facilities.
  • Fishing is completely banned in Mali and the Great Lake and the channel Solin.
  • Navigating forests of the National Park at night.
  • Camping and camping.
  • Underwater activities in Mali and the Great Lake (diving).
  • Entry into the park without a ticket.






There is a professional on-call Fire-fighting Unit on Mljet


In summer months and dry periods, the dangers of fire and the spreading of fire are even greater.

Around 80% of all fires are caused by human mistake, so we kindly ask you to take all actions in order to prevent causing a fire:

  • Do not throw lit or flammable objects in the environment
  • Do not light a fire in open spaces
  • Teach your children of the dangers of fire
  • Do not park your vehicles near the fire-fighting unit accesses


If you notice a fire, inform other people in your vicinity about it and try to extinguish it, if you can do it without putting yourself and others in danger. If you can’t stop the fire, immediately call the Fire Department at 193.

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