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Mljet is the eighth largest Croatian island, situated near the peninsula of Peljesac, Dubrovnik and Korcula. It is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, dry summers and mild winters with approximately as many as 2500 hours of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest Adriatic islands.
Beautiful scenery, crystal clear sea, lakes, islands, rich cultural heritage make the island  truly paradise on earth.

Many wrote and sang about its beauty.

National Park
Situated on the island of the same name, Mljet National Park is the most important protected area of the Dalmatian south. It is the oldest National Park at the Adriatic. The park covers the western part of the island, which many regard as the most alluring in the Adriatic, full of lush and varied Mediterranean vegetation. The park includes two deep bays which, due to their extremely narrow links with the sea, are regarded as and indeed named lakes: the Great Lake and the Small Lake
The first inhabitants were Ardiaei,Illyrian tribe, who, through the port Prapratno on the peninsula Pelješac, came to Mljet approximately 4000 years ago. The first contact they had with the island was in ports Sobra and Okuklje because they were the nearest to Pelješac, but they also had contact with ports Polače and Kozarica. Arriving on a fully wooded island, they slowly settled close to the drinking water sources and along the edges of the island\\\'s valleys. They lived in small dwellings built of stone walls, while they were covered by underbrush and pine branches. They were farmers, dealt mainly with goats and sheep farming, hunting and fishing.
Environmental Protection
We pay a lot of attention to the environment protection and before the tourist season, numerous ecological activities are carried out: the beaches are cleaned up, and heaps of large junk are collected and removed and activities such as cleaning up of the coastal sea underworld are being organized in cooperation with the diving clubs.
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